OUR NEW BLOCK "Solnechniyy" constructs in the Murino VILLAGE ON THE BORDER St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

The developer of the block - Company "Arsenal Real Estate", founded in 1997, began active work on the construction market of the city since 2000. In that short time successfully implemented many projects under construction and development of new and interesting projects. Thanks to the skillful management, business acumen and leadership intuition, the company "Arsenal Real Estate" stands upon firm ground and one of the twenty best construction companies in the northern capital. The company, once started an the active work in the construction sector as an investor and supplier of building materials, today harmoniously combines the functions of the customer, the contractor and the seller, covering almost all the major stages of production and sales cycle for the construction of new housing. The company "Arsenal Real Estate" builds and sales apartments in strict accordance with the legal regulations of the Russian Federation. There are are contracts about share construction which are signed with customers , which, according to the Federal Law №214 pass state registration in Rosreestr.
Registered contract - is:
  • a guarantee that the builder has a full package of permits;
  • fixing of the price of an apartment;
  • protection against "double sales";
  • fixed term handing over the keys.


Our new block "Solnechniy" is built on the border of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, in the village of Murino. The block meets all the principles and rules of quality construction.

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The project concept was developed by leading Finnish architectural studio of "Architectural Bureau Jukka Tikkanen" in the best tradition of Scandinavian design, which combines safety glass, natural stone and ecologically clean wood.

The complex is designed in such a way as to allow the people to meet their most demanding needs, without having to leave its territory. Attraction to the design of the famous architect has created a stylish and recognizable block that stands out from typical building.


One of the main criteria for the selection of modern housing becomes infrastructure of the area and its surroundings: you want to be near shops, schools, kindergartens, without a dense housing, where you could go for a walk in the park and get some fresh air, as well as convenient access to transportation. When we were choosing a place for the construction of "Solnechniy", we haven’t lost any of these parameters.

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A five-minute walk from the metro station "Devyatkino", to the ring road - a few minutes by car, there are not near industrial facilities, and around the block preserved the natural landscape. Special attention in the block "Solnechniy" we paid a children's infrastructure: modern kindergartens and school yards without cars, playground and sports fields. To work out preschools institution we attracted the best architects and got a great result

Kindergartens and schools in the block "Solnechniy" will be the center of development and creativity, sports and intellectual life of your children. On the first floors of houses will be shops, cafes, beauty salons, restaurants and other elements of entertainment infrastructure. Also nearby are several large shopping centers.

It is important to notice that for half an hour you can reach both the central station and the airport and the center of St. Petersburg. And coming back home, you can leave your car in a protected area of block "Solnechniy", or in a warm parking.


Speaking about comfort for life, we must not forget about the quality of construction of the house.

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Our houses are built of brick and laid a double layer of warmth-keeping lagging. Due to the qualitative method in planning and building, the house well keep warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, the brick is one of the most environmentally friendly building material. And in combination with wooden windows with double-glazed and maximum insulation is achieved a natural ventilation and air access to the apartments.

In order to have the house bright and sunny, we set the panoramic windows in all of loggias and balconies. The block "Solnechniy" – it is a spacious, bright, warm and cozy apartments.


Often, buying an apartment is only part of the way to a comfortable living on its territory, in front of are still repairs, decoration of the apartment, the constant noise of hammers and drills, dirty staircase littered with debris. For your convenience, we offer apartments with full finish for sale, it will save you valuable time and add comfort from the first days after the removal!

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Keenly aware of the needs of our customers, we always try to meet their needs and deliver advance from discomfort to as little as possible, you pay attention to the inconvenience and spend more time with his family. Therefore, we offer you an apartment with a ready finish, for which we have carefully selected materials that they combined the environmental, practical and effective design. It is thanks to this approach, you get a ready-made housing, which can be populated almost immediately.

We sincerely want to believe that your comfort zone goes far beyond your square meters of housing, and the staircase, elevator, paths around the house - all your territory, to which you want to live comfortably. That is why the emphasis in the quarter "Sunny" given to the finishing of common areas where we also use high quality materials and strictly follow the author's design project.


Designing inside block territory, we used the example and experience of European capitals, paying attention to and every detail that affect the comfort of living in our complex. The security system allows you to stay in the territory, knowing that you and your dearest are protected. You will no longer need to worry when you let go the child for a walk in the yard.

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The block protections ,video system around the perimeter, security at all entrances to the territory - a guarantee of your safety. And the active assistance of local authorities to fight against crime will allow the district to take a leading position on security in the Leningrad region.


For whom we are building block "Solnechniy"? We believe that every person and every family will be able to find an apartment according their possibilities and requirements.

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For young professionals and students are perfectly suitable studio and one-bedroom apartments . However, if you are a young family and looking for an apartment in which you want to start your life together, the one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments - the perfect choice for a first joint living.

For big happy family, we offer spacious two-bedroom apartments, where every member of the family will find its own space, and at the same time everyone will be able to live comfortably on the common area.

e appreciate the individuality of our customers, we care about their comfort, so we offer a variety of planning options of apartments, where everyone can choose an apartment that meets their requirements exactly.

But, whatever you choose , in each of them will be all that is written above, as well as excellent views, bright rooms and, of course, maximum convenience and comfort, because we build and design, based on your needs.

Everyone has the opportunity to receive an excellent warm and bright apartment in a complex with a protected area, infrastructure and quality construction.

ТWhat was earlier considered as a privilege of premium housing , now is already embodied in the block "Solnechniy"! !

About the BLOCK “Solnechniy"!
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